Friday, December 16, 2011

Find Hindi words

  • Find the Hindi words for these/ 

  • ripe,bee.time,wheel,class,demon, 
  • throne,fame,wound,coach,end,
  • obstacle,quickly, number, child, good,
order, kingdom,sacrifice, leaf, jewel, letter, 

Buddha, lotus, poem, Madras, 

scholar,meditation,saint, thirsty,love, word, creator,

long,pillar, your, duty,mixed, law, age, light,

 happiness, mountain, wonder, place,

 ink,,tomorrow, full, when,this, you, a little, name,

you(respectable and pl) house, day, night,along 

with,word, to fly,forgetfulness, to write, cow, 

one, die, join, income, tea,mango, victory,

work, oil,manure, himself,man, 

time,cloth,body,boy,fit, rupee, many,

 article, thin, shirt, room, 

sister,dream,silk,servant, letter,salt, earth,pen, 

pond, food, mad, cause, ready,paper,

 book,vegetable, sword, approximately, 

really,rabbit, fifty five, Calcutta,brave,school.

good conduct, coconut, Monday, Ravana, 

conversation, milkman, break fast, newspaper,

 helper, challenge,second,minute, hour,morning,

evening, night, day, midnight, early 

morning,season, summer, autumn,winter, 

spring,wind,storm,cloud, lightning,thunder, flood,




south,directions, side, right , left, above,below,

in front of, at the back, centre,center, in, 

out,circle,house, building, hut, bungalow, 

palace,room, door,window,board, portion, bath

 room, dining hall, kitchen, vessel,plate, cup, 

spoon, fire, firewood, coal,court yard, 

almirah,mother, father, grand father, grand mother, husband, wife,son, daughter,male child, 

female child, elder brother, elder sister, younger brother, younger sister, uncle, aunt.father in  law, mother in law,

daughter in law, brother in law, sister in law, son in law, bride,bachelor, boy, girl man,  happiness,

 anger,laughter, weeping, voice, sorrow,noise, deceit, disappointment, love, affection,desire,



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