Monday, June 5, 2017

Easy Hindi

  1. Doodhwala aaya kya?did the milkman come?
  2. Doodhwala abhi thuk nahi aayaa.Milkman has not come till now.
  3. wo kub aayega? when will he come?
  4. Kitnay bajeh aayega?At what time will he come?
  5. Saade chay bajeh. at 6. 30
  6. Abhi tho powneh saath baj gaya.It is now already 6.45.
  7. Kya huwa? wus ka gaadee  mayn puncture ho gaya He had a puncture in his vehicle.
  8. Yay,Dekho abhi aaa gaya.See here,He has come
  9. kitnah dhoodh chaheeyay? how much milk do you want?
  10. yake litre.
  11. Kitneka hai? Rs. 40/-
  12. how much ? 40 rupees.
  13. Yeh low 50m rupya baakee dena. Take this 50 rupees give me the balance.
  14. Mera pass chutta naheen hai.I don't have change.
  15. Mera pass sub 100 rupyeh hein.
  16. I have all 100 rupee notes.
  17. Parwa naheen. do not worry
  18. kal dhey dena.Give me tomorrow.
  19. Kal 10 rupya baaki dena hai.
  20. yesterda there was a balance of Rs.10/-
  21. maak karna. bhool gaya.
  22. Sorry.I forgot.
  23. kal muth bhoolna, don't forget tomorrow.
  24. haan jaroor naheehn bhooloonga. surely I will not forget.
  25. Mera pass aaj 20 rupya hai.
  26. I have today 20 rupees noe.
  27. aap mujeh 10 rupya dhey dena.
  28. You give me 10 rupees.
  29. Mera pass khaali 5 rupya hai.I have only 5 rupees.
  30. Paanch owr Paanch kitnah hota hai?
  31. five plus five how much?
  32. 9 rupya.
  33. kya ginna nahi aathaa hai kya?
  34. Don't you know adding?counting?
  35. Naheen myn school naheen gaya.No I have not gone to school.
  36. Gino yake dho theen chaar panch chay saath aat now dhus,count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
  37. Yake haathmay kithneh ungliyaan hein?
  38. How many fingers are there in one hand?
  39. 5 panch
  40. us haath mayn kitneh ungliyaan hein?
  41. How manyfingers are there in that hand?
  42. panch 5 five.
  43. donoh haath mayn kithnay ungliyaan hein?
  44. How many fingers are there in both the hands?
  45. Dhus. ten.
  46. Mera paanch rupya dhey dena,
  47. Give me my 5 rupees,
  48. Parson aana lay jaana
  49. Come and take it tomorrow.
  50. dhanyawad,thanks.

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